by Baywitch

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"Since earliest times, Moonstone[rs] has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon - an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. Our ties to the moon are strong. As it waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, it creates the tides and rhythms of our mother, Earth, and influences our behaviors, emotions and spiritual growth. Moonstone[rs] calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life." — adapted from ;)


released April 20, 2016

Baywitch is Lila Burns, Seattle WA
Mastering by Sun Glasses, Philadelphia PA



all rights reserved


Baywitch Seattle, Washington

Surf Coven — Lila B, Jake M and Casey F

Viva Anti-Surf.

"Cosmic Zone" video

"The Big One" video

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Track Name: The Big One
With eyes on the horizon we’ll escape to higher ground watch the tidepools shiver hold our breath make not a sound a hundred miles of waves will line up to make a wall and sweep across this world and swallow us whole ♣ With eyes on the horizon we’ll escape to steady ground watch the mountains tremble so cacophonous and loud a crack upon the crust will reveal a chasm deep and churn the surface upside down and bring us to our knees ♣ With eyes on the horizon we’ll escape only by chance watch the stars watch back and by firelight we’ll dance the ground will not stay still neither will we the rising tide won’t cease and we will cease to be
Track Name: Cosmic Zone
Never saw the tidal wave a-comin’ didn’t have the time to find high ground from horizon to her feet in only minutes though luckily was loved before she drowned ♣ Barely even blink and you’ll end up here in a place devoid of humanoid exposure can’t bring a thing along arrive alone when you end up in the cosmic zone ♣ Never saw the perfect storm a-brewin’ the wind had turned so nautical so fast her tiny vessel swallowed too much water and she couldn’t bring enough air to last her ♣ Never saw the shark for who he was only saw his eyes and not his teeth she’d thought she’d be okay in his warm waters but he bit her hand and dragged her underneath
Track Name: Unfairytale
High up in her castle there she waits overbearing boredom there for days he thought her hair looked nice all up in braids Rapunzel fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it she took a pair of sharpened shears and cut her hair up to her ears made a rope to hold her own and climbed down to the ground below ♣ High up in her castle there she waits fast asleep a century of days he’s so sure the curse will lift if he can only kiss her lips Aurora fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it pinched herself awake and nimble grabbed the nearest sharpest spindle stabbed her way through wicked brambles done with all these myths and fables ♣ High up in her castle there she waits “ever after” didn’t last but days thought a crown was all he’d need for his marriage to succeed ‘Ella fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it took those slippers by the heel and smashed them so hard that he’d feel left the kingdom far behind once upon a time
Track Name: Lazy River Galaxy
Hurtling through space and picking up the pace but I’m still in the same place I’ve always been the place where I began 1-2-1 step back and forth I go no semblance of control I surrender to the orbit’s plan for me choose the stars I see lazy river galaxy we go we try to stay afloat and if this old rock should get swallowed by the sun though that’s infinity to one who knows where we’ll go ♣ The stardust in my bones sometimes pulls me back to home like I’ve been here before this part of space something about this place is this where the big bang brought us to life with the challenge to survive by choice or just by chance we came to be lucky for you and me lazy river galaxy we go we try to stay afloat and if this old rock should get swallowed by the sun though that’s infinity to one who knows where we’ll go
Track Name: Dabble Trabble
There once was a girl with a broken heart who asked for advice from a spirit board she didn’t like the answer and threw caution to the wind and made a demon manifest all by accident ♣ There once was a girl who had everything and sold her soul to attain her means she tried to make a deal so that she would never die and she died that day ironically with a spell cast to bring her fame and fortune a spell cast to always have her health a spell cast to send her enemies to hell but it backfired she became a nobody backfires stomach in a knot backfired she’ll probably go to hell herself ♣ There once was a girl who was curious with a casual belief in superstitions she said bloody mary bloody mary one too many times and didn’t heed a single warning and she went bye-bye ♣ If you dabble in the dark arts you should be wary of a twist you should be careful what you wish for it might come true with a spell cast to bring you fame and fortune a spell cast to always have your health a spell cast to send your enemies to hell but it backfires you'll become a nobody backfires stomach in a knot backfires you’ll probably go to hell yourself
Track Name: Haunted
At some point last night around 3:00 AM she heard a noise and swore that it said her name she could see her breath if she dared breath out she was sure as hell aware of something sinister around sayin ahhHHHhhh ♣ She knew a shortcut between town and her home cut right through the cemetery so it goes but she didn’t dare walk through she could sense an evil truth something filled her with terror something shaken loose sayin ahhHHHhhh ♣ One night the thunder CRACKED startled her awake her heart up in her throat she choked and met her fate she drifted from her body knowin nothing bad was near and all this time it had been nothing but the ghost of her own fears sayin ahhHHHhhh
Track Name: Technopagan
Supernatural worldwide website a cursed click right 404 my life ♣ Supernatural personal email a conduit to hell subject line “farewell” ♣ Supernatural malware installed
Track Name: Heartbreakers
Out to sea on backs of humpbacks they dive I float along breakin hearts with smiles of baleen swim far swim free ♣ Climbin waves on tails of blackfish they surf I barrel roll ripped by tides caught up in their wake we’re small they’re wonderful ♣ Swallowed whole inside of a blue whale along for a long ride never again will I ever see daylight that’s fine for a time.
Track Name: Dreamy
I think in the dream that I had last night I was in a large mansion on a cliff so high windows overlooking ocean views for miles but I couldn’t ever leave I’d be there till I died ♣ In a dream in a dream thought I saw you in a dream but I can’t sleep straight and it don’t feel great in a thought in a thought you were in a passing thought but I can’t think straight and it don’t feel great ♣ I think in a dream that I almost forgot I was lost at sea on a floating rock fully at the mercy of a current so strong it was sink or swim with no right or wrong ♣ I think in the dream from which I never awoke I stood at a crossroads outside of my home no one would tell me which way I should go so I waited for a sign but it never showed
Track Name: Ghost Ship
A once glorious ship set sail it crossed the horizon too solid to fail it had barely even crested on the ring of fire when circumstances changed from being fine to being dire ♣ Ghost ship kills again ghost ship kills again what once was a woman’s now a phantasm ♣ The engines flooded and the mast broke in half its metal skin began to flex and its wood began to crack the rafts would not be lowered to the cold sea just below and the passengers began to abandon all their hope ♣ A spirit so wronged had found the right revenge she possessed an ocean vessel she could bring to its end a loud voice erupted from the depths it roared it said she’d spare no mercy to the souls on board
Track Name: Sea Level She Devil
A legendary beast with a prerogative to feast she doesn’t give a damn about you lest your caught between her teeth there’s no place you can hide no place she couldn’t find no place that you’d survive all across the seven seas she’s evil pure evil sea level she devil she’s evil pure evil sea level she devil ♣ Every single bone in her body’s made of stone her veins are filled with venom and her mind pure poison scales as sharp as knives only hate behind her eyes she’d swallow you alive but she’d rather see you groan ♣ Where she swims you will always find a storm where she slays every living thing is harmed she’ll never shed a tear because she loves the taste of fear she’s a cold blooded mean motherfucking ocean dweller