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by Baywitch

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Genie 03:02
She opened up her eyes, she’d washed ashore upon a desert island. From what she could tell, she’d been out to sea for quite a time. A sparkle caught her eye to something buried just below the sand, she recognized it as a genie’s lamp and rubbed it with her hand. He told her make three wishes, but he warned her to be careful what she said. He said she might find fortune or she may accidentally wish herself dead. She wished to drink fresh water, he winked and built a fountain there. She wished to eat a meal, he winked again a banquet hall appeared. She ate and drank a while before she said what her last wish would be. She wished “to leave this place”, he winked, she found herself afloat at sea.
I.O.D.T.H.C. 02:32
I ate a brownie filled with pot, just want to chill and what not, waited an hour, so i thought. One hour was actually twenty-four, i’ve just been staring at the floor, what if it’s like this evermore, what if i’m this high always? And I know you know I’m way too high, there’s nothing left behind my eyes, no single thought has crossed my mind. Except for what if I am acting strange to you, with the way that I talk and the way that I move? Oh no I haven’t said a thing in a few, please tell me you are high too. Puff, puff, pass that right by me, I’m as high as I could be.
Ghosts 02:47
Ghosts, three ghosts, three ghosts I cannot see, through see through they still haunt me. Ghosts, three ghosts, three shadows on my past, words no words how long this lasts. Souls, lost souls, lost souls with hooks in deep, real feelings for make believe. Souls, lost souls, from which I cannot shake, let me be, let me escape. Specter dear, show me a beating heart, just tell me you must depart. Specter dear, please give me any sign that you’ve crossed through to the other side.
High up in her castle there she waits, overbearing boredom there for days, he thought her hair looked nice all up in braids, Rapunzel fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it! She took a pair of sharpened shears and cut her hair up to her ears, made a rope to hold her own and climbed down to the ground below. High up in her castle there she waits, fast asleep a century of days, he’s so sure the curse will lift if he can only kiss her lips, Aurora fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it! Pinched herself awake and nimble grabbed the nearest sharpest spindle stabbed her way through wicked brambles, done with all these myths and fables. High up in her castle there she waits, “ever after” didn’t last but days, thought a crown was all he’d need for his marriage to succeed, ‘Ella fair is over it she’s over it she’s over it! Took those slippers by the heel and smashed them so hard that he’d feel, left the kingdom far behind once upon a time.
Widows 03:47
Upside down she lays, patiently she waits, (through) all eight eyes she beams, just think all she’s seen. Built her castle strong with venom and constraint, weary that her world misunderstands its mysterious girls. Perched on her thrown on your headstone, a chill sent straight through your bones. Never will we know which seeds she’s sown are sure to grow, so goes this black widow. Misconstrued in myth, “a vicious killer”, farther from the truth. Not a single bit malevolent, but fights by nail and tooth.
Black Holes 03:07
Suddenly we found ourselves mixed up in entropy. No one would accept what had become of gravity. We were warned this may occur but we would never learn. Misidentified to be a curiosity, when in fact our end will be through singularity. We were warned this may occur but we would never learn. Time has stopped impossibly. This stellar mass took hold of me. Even your light could not escape this alchemy.
Sleeper agents of making changes awoke to their mission, rampant sedition. In a top secret basement miles underground, they gathered by the thousands to produce a righteous sound: Hellaspawn. HELLASPAWN. These boys and girls are too loud for this world, the planet wasn’t ready, the orbit’s too unsteady. In an alternate dimension at the very edge of space, they gathered by the thousands and they claimed it as their place: Hellaspawn. HELLASPAWN!


Hellaspawn is the soundtrack to a saturday morning cartoon for stoned goth twenty-somethings. The cast includes genies, princesses, ghosts, poisonous spiders, and black holes within allegories about very real life including being ghosted by boys (“Ghosts”), having pot brownie induced panic attacks (“I.O.D.T.H.C.”), and the tangible effects of the all-consuming fascist abyss currently running the country (“Black Holes”). The opening instrumental is meant to welcome you to the Baywitch galaxy we’ve built, the subsequent tracks use familiar characters to navigate this scary and unpredictable solar system, and the title track “Hellaspawn” aims to be the moral of it all — to carve out a space for yourself in a world you don’t fit into. The instrumental outro “Potion Breeze” is best served with a slice of funfetti cake under the shade of a palm tree while stuck on a desert island.


released July 21, 2017

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Daniel Onufer
Mastered by Geoff Traeger
Hella thanks to the Milliman family for letting us record in their cabin!
Seattle & North Bend, Washington — 2017

Lila Burns: Vox, Guitar
Jake Meierdierck: Drums
Casey Fischer: Bass


all rights reserved



Baywitch Seattle, Washington

Surf Coven — Lila B, Sicily R and Daniel O

Witch Alums — Jakey M and Casey F

Smurf-Rock Toon Doom trio orbiting around subjects of impending doom with a loud, fast, and goofy twist, and riffs that momentarily make you forget you're afraid to die.
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